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TAKI Victor
holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. from the Central European University (Budapest). His doctoral dissertation, "Russia on the Danube: Imperial Expansion and Political Reform in Moldavia and Wallachia, 1812–1834," examined discursive and institutional aspects of relations between the Russian Empire and the elites of the two Romanian principalities at the dawn of the modern era. He has held temporary teaching positions at Carleton University (Ottawa), the University of Alberta (Edmonton), and Dalhousie University (Halifax). In 2011-2013, he was a postdoctoral fellow and lecturer at the University of Alberta, working on a book project devoted to the Russian encounters with the Ottoman Empire in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He is currently affiliated with the Center of Ukrainian and Belorussian Studies at the Faculty of History of Moscow State University. His most recent publications are "Orientalism at the Margins: The Ottoman Empire under Russian Eyes," Kritika, no. 2 (2011), 321–351, and a monograph (co-authored with Andrei Cușco), Bessarabiia v sostave rossiiskoi imperii, 1812–1917 (Moscow: Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie, 2012).

did a three-year degree in Tourism Science at University “La Sapienza” in Rome (2012-2015) and graduated MA program at the Bicocca University in Milan with a degree in Economics of Tourism (2015-2017).