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There are currently 3 names in this directory beginning with the letter L.
LAVRIC, Aurelian
as an employee of the Agency for Military Science and Memory, Department of Strategic Defence and Security Studies, he is working on a post-doctoral thesis in the field of Political Sciences and International Relations, with the topic “The Republic of Moldova in the context of evolution of the geopolitical space”. The most recent publications: Moldova in the context of the EU’s Eastern Neighborhood: the problem of the regional security architecture. // Studia Securitatis, Sibiu, Romania, no. 1/2017, p. 32-43; Transnistrian conflict in the context of Russia – West contradictions // Anuarul Laboratorului pentru analiza conflictului transnistrean, no. 1/2017, Sibiu, Romania, p. 41-45; Difficulties of the Integration of the Russian-Speaking Community in the Republic of Moldova: Consequences on National Security // International Journal of Communication Research, Iasi, Romania, Jul-Sep. 2017, Vol. 7 Issue 2, p. 177-183; Information security of the Republic of Moldova in the context of Russia – West contradictions International // Journal of Communication Research, vol. 9, issue 2, April/June 2019, Iasi, Romania, p. 107-112; The reform of the armed forces of the Republic of Moldova in order to ensure the resilience of the national defence system [in Romanian] // Revista Militară, no. 2/2018, p. 41-47; The Role of the Intercultural Dialogue in preventing Separatism at the EU Eastern Border: the Moldovan Cas // The Image of the Other in the European Intercultural Dialogue, (Dana PANTEA, Ioan HORGA, Mircea BRIE, coordinators), Oradea, 2017, Romania; Separatist state formations without international community recognition – instruments in the context of hybrid warfare // International Scientific Conference Strategies XXI. Complexity and dynamics of the security environment, Bucharest, 2019, p. 28-40.

LEGNÉR, Mattias
is an historian and Full Professor in Conservation at Department of Art History, Uppsala University Campus Gotland. He recently led an innovative research project exploring the motives of attacks on heritage sites, and is currently heading the Research Node Cultural Heritage at Uppsala University. Legnér has published widely on management and use of built environment, and is one of the authors of the recent article ”Heritage under attack: motives for targeting cultural property during armed conflict”, International Journal of Heritage Studies 23:3 (2017). Among other recent publications are ”Kulturarvsbruk i väpnade konflikter” (Uses of heritage in armed conflicts), Historisk Tidskrift 136(4) (2016), and ”Valorization and management of the built heritage of fortified towns: The cases of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sabbioneta, Italy, and Visby, Sweden” (together with D. Del Curto), in Sguardi ed esperienze sulla conservazione del patrimonio storico architettonico: Proceedings of the International Conference Preventive and Planned Conservation Monza, Mantova - 5-9 May 2014, Milano, 2016.

LIPAI, Tatyana
is a professor at the Minsk City Institute for Development of Education, is an expert in the field of Social stigma. The main directions of scientific activity: methodology of social cognition, theoretical foundations of the humanities, social forecasting, sociology of management, socio-cultural communication. As a result of her academic activities, she has a list of published with more than 250 academic articles and books. Among the most important publications are the following: “Social stigmatization” (2008), “Sociological approach to the study of polylingualism” (Ukraine, 2012), “Multilingual Education in Russia” (Republic of Costa Rica, 2012), “Social space and time as a condition for posing and solving socio-cultural problems “(2013),” Youth Employment Trends in Post-Soviet Countries “(Poland, 2014), “The culture sharing between India and Central Asia: A study of the Exchange of Scholars and Poets (India, 2014), “Domestic Violence in Rural Areas of Russia and Australia “(Switzerland, 2015),” Networking projects: Project “What Youth believe - Interfaith Dialogue in Youth Work ”(Italy, 2017),“ The COVID-19 pandemic: depression, anxiety, stigma and impact on mental health”(2020). She participated in many international, European, regional and national projects, conferences and multiple projects in the field of youth policy, social work, empowerment of women, inter-cultural and inter-religious education, migration and others. ORCID: