Plural Vol. VII, no. 2, 2019



  • Mihail Băţ, Angela Simalcsik, Aurel Zanoci (Moldova, Romania), A place of Life and Death. Burials and human bone finds in the Iron Age settlement at Saharna Mare  ”Dealul Mănăstirii”
  • Cristina Montana Pușcaș, Iosif Vasile Ferencz, Ciprian Cosmin Stremțan, Tudor Tămaș, Adrian CăsăleanThe amazing architecture of the Dacians. Few thoughts concerning the use of mortars based on new analyses
  • Malgorzata Daszkiewicz, O. Munteanu and V. Iarmulschi (Poland, Moldova, Germany), Pottery found at the Butuceni and Orheiul Vechi Iron Age settlements – results of archaeoceramological analysis
  • Daniel Spânu (Romania), Fibulae with Canid Protome (Tierkopffibeln) in Romania
  • Klaus A. Bente, Christoph Berthold, Axel Gerdes, Andreas König et Björn Rauchfuß (Germany), Archaeometrical studies on the coral fibulae from Leimbach (Nordhausen County, Central Germany) and from Gräfenhainichen (Bitterfeld County, Central Germany)
  • Denis Topal (Moldova), The specificity of the Scythian panoply of the Lower Danube
  • Vitalie Bârca (Romania), Notes on the origin and dating of the bone pyxides from the Sarmatian environment between the Don and the Prut
  • Oleg Petrauskas and Mariana Avramenko (Ukraine), The settlement Komariv – glass-production centre in the European Barbaricum: a cultural and natural environment
  • Andrzej Michałowski, Jakub Niebieszczański, Milena Teska and Patrycja Kaczmarska (Poland), Non-invasive magnetometric prospection in forested area: the case study of Mirosław site 37 in Northwestern Poland
  • Sergiu Matveev, Vlad Vornic (Moldova), Ceramic zoomorphic vessel discovered in Lipoveni (Cimislia rayon, Republic of Moldova)
  • Sergiu Musteata, Alexandru Popa (Moldova, Romania), Orheiul Vechi: results of recent geophysical survey


  • Professor Michael Meyer – Doctor Honoris Cauza of the „Ion Creanga” State Pedagogical University (Octavian Munteanu)

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