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is a heritage consultant at the National Heritage Institute (INP) in Bucharest. An archaeologist and former Deputy Director of the Institute for Cultural Memory–CIMEC (1993-2011), she has worked for the national cultural heritage inventories for the last 30 years, being among the pioneers of computerization in the field of cultural heritage, archaeology and museum collections. She participated in many international, European, regional and national projects, conferences and working groups on topics regarding databases, digitization and the use of new information and communication technologies in the field of cultural heritage, aerial archaeology, access to cultural heritage, European heritage networks, policies, standards and thesauri. She published five books, and 45 papers and handbooks, edited several volumes and CD-ROMs, and developed the main website for the Romanian cultural heritage (, while also being active in international organization (ICOM/CIDOC, EAA, CAA, AARG).

is a young historian from the Republic of Moldova. In 2015, she received her MA degree in comparative history from the Ion Creangă State Pedagogical University of Moldova. Her specific research interests are: Soviet history, social history in Eastern Europe, linguistic and cultural history.

is known in the country and abroad as one of the best Romanian experts in the field of museography and cultural heritage. In 1983, he passed his doctoral thesis defense in history on the subject “The Historical Monuments Commission - Transilvania Section. History and Activity “. Professor Ioan Opris approached the field of museography from a multiple perspective, like the boos Transmuseographia, Museum Management, New Museography Challenges, Collection, Museology, Patrimonization, Old and New Museograms, which became reference books. Professor Ioan Opris is the author of over 30 monographs and about 400 studies and reviews.