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VAIDA, Eugen
is an architect with a rich architectural design activity in the rural area of Transylvania. He was born in the multicultural village of Alțâna, Sibiu county in 1981, then studied at several German schools in Sibiu and accomplished his degree at the Architecture and Urbanism University “Ion Mincu” in Bucharest. In the field of heritage he initiated and developed through Monumentum Association a series of applied conservation and educational programs in close cooperation with local communities from the Saxon villages. He owns a vast ethnographic collection, being the founder and the president of The Network of Private Rural Ethnographic Museums and Collections from Romania (RECOMESPAR). In 2017 he was appointed the president of The Federation of Transylvanian Heritage – TransylvaNet. His concern is to rise the quality of architecture in rural areas by instructing architects and students architects who are exploring traditional techniques and local materials with solutions that meet the current living comfort. As a member of the Rural Working Group of the Romanian Order of Architects he initiated and supported the development of a series of architectural guidebooks for contextual planning in most of the ethnographic areas of Romania, and currently coordinates the project “Mapping of craftsmen and their traditional products in the construction sector in Romania”.Eugen Vaida is a member of several advisory committees for approval of interventions in historical areas and leads a series of summer schools for young architects and students. During 2017 he participated at the elaboration of a report on heritage and traditional crafts for the European Commission called Skills, training and knowledge transfer: traditional and emerging heritage which should be implemented in the public and private policies of each of the member states, which he struggles to do nowadays. Through his research and education programs he has an important role in the preservation of the historical roof landscape in Transylvania. Meanwhile he coordinates with historian Ileana Burnichioiu the Ambulance for Monuments project in Southern Transylvania.

is the director of the National Archaeological Agency of Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. He is a specialist in the history and archeology of the Roman period of the Carpatho-Dniester space. He is the author or co-author of more than 100 publications, including monographs Sântana de Mureş-Černjachov settlement and necropolis from Budesti (Chişinău 2006) and Dacian pottery center from Roman period (research from 2001 and 2003) (Chisinau 2007). He is founder and editor of the Preventive Archeology in the Republic of Moldova and member of the editorial board of the Archaeological magazine and Pyretus Magazines.

is a member Russian group within the World Heritage Watch, St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1997, he graduated from the Department of Mineralogy at St. Petersburg State University, after which he worked as a maritime geologist in the Institute of Oceanology until 2002. In 1997-1998, he studied in Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Science, in 2003-2004 he worked as a sociologist in an international research project in Technical University in Berlin. He defended MA Dissertation in Sociology at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology in European University at St. Petersburg. Later, he worked as a sociologist in the Centre for Independent Social Research (St. Petersburg) and Institute of Regional Development (Pskov). In 2015-2016, he also taught a course in the visualization of spatial data to the students of State University for Architecture and Construction. Scientific interests: political sociology, urban studies.

is a PhD candidate at the Central European University (Budapest) and lecturer at Ion Creangă Pedagogical State University of Chișinău. His research interests include Soviet nationality and borderland policies, entangled history of Central and Eastern Europe, history of the Soviet Union in comparative perspective. Currently Alexandr is writing the PhD thesis on the Soviet borderland policies in the Ukrainian SSR and the Moldovan ASSR in 1920s and 1930s. He is the author of several articles on interwar Soviet nationality policies. Research interests: Soviet nationality policies, borderland studies, history of entanglements.