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LEGNÉR, Mattias
is an historian and Full Professor in Conservation at Department of Art History, Uppsala University Campus Gotland. He recently led an innovative research project exploring the motives of attacks on heritage sites, and is currently heading the Research Node Cultural Heritage at Uppsala University. Legnér has published widely on management and use of built environment, and is one of the authors of the recent article ”Heritage under attack: motives for targeting cultural property during armed conflict”, International Journal of Heritage Studies 23:3 (2017). Among other recent publications are ”Kulturarvsbruk i väpnade konflikter” (Uses of heritage in armed conflicts), Historisk Tidskrift 136(4) (2016), and ”Valorization and management of the built heritage of fortified towns: The cases of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sabbioneta, Italy, and Visby, Sweden” (together with D. Del Curto), in Sguardi ed esperienze sulla conservazione del patrimonio storico architettonico: Proceedings of the International Conference Preventive and Planned Conservation Monza, Mantova - 5-9 May 2014, Milano, 2016.